Drawing diary | 2020


The graphic works of Gustavo Mendez-Liska provide insight into the deep-seated need within us to divide and reassemble surfaces, or much more generally, what we can experience. From this comes understanding: first distinguish and then connect – in order to make the inexpressible tangible and to find oneself in the infinite.

His treatment of space reveals the breathing principle behind matter and goes far beyond the graphic linearity of a classic modern constructivism. He sets about the structure, does not treat the mere surface but rather reveals what happens when energy acts on matter and sets the eternally reordering in an eternal analogy. Fracture lines emerge, tectonic shifts take place. The entire cycle is basically a single image that is constantly rearranging and rearranging itself in its infinite metamorphosis; the individual work, as a captured status, provides a detailed insight into the forces underlying permanent change and is, in its essence, nothing other than a snapshot of time.

Every map we draw for ourselves is no longer true at the moment of contemplation and yet gives us the orientation and support we seek. It is only through its fragmentation that entity can be experienced at all.

Text © Hermann Kienesberger | Graphic designer
Greci, 2020
Photos drawings © Gustavo mendez-Liska
Photos atelier © Juan Muñoz