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© Juan Muñoz, creator of MUNDO REDONDO

Planet earth – our world – has specific and finite conditions.

But our infinite thinking and creativity has distanced us from recognising ourselves as an indivisible part of this – our unique habitat – and has led us to a way of life, which, instead of adapting to its nature, imposes our conditions upon it.

This remoteness has led societies to compete with each other for resources and not to seek the good of this common habitat.

The result: damage to the conditions of the planet on which we depend, and by the condition of unity, damage to ourselves, to our health and to the sustainability of the only living environment we have.

The organisation Round World presents a system of thinking based on the conditions of our habitat that provides a conscious tool for behavioural change towards sustainability and coexistence.

The awareness of a round world where everything is connected leads us to act with individual, mutual and communal initiatives to re-establish the relationships between societies and nature as a unit.

mundo redondo explores the definitions and terms with which we have constructed this current “way of life”, creating conscious bases that allow us to transform our feeling, thinking and acting.

mundo redondo is…

… an organisation that promotes the social and individual relationship with an interconnected habitat through a platform for exchange of action and communication.

… an engine for social, political and economic change where the awareness of coexistence with the nature of the planet transforms our relationship with it.

the organisation mundo redondo …

…realises 5 action and communication projects on local, regional and global scales communicating the idea that everything is connected on this rich green and blue planet.

…makes presentations, discussions and audio-visual documents on examples of social, individual health and environmental sustainability of the planet. The aim of these is to raise awareness of the relevance that our interventions have on our habitat.

our 5 projects …

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