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At first sight, his compositions on paper remind of the architectural sketches. The architecture of the city, its spatial relations in the matter and its lack, the play of light and shadow between them, were, in fact, a crucial starting…

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Gustavo continues his tireless research based on his on the basis of his fellow countrymen, never letting go of his keen curiosity to broaden his horizons beyond the pictorial technique of painting and drawing, today Gustavo presents us not only…

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Geometric constructions in which he works the space as the body of the spectator as the body of a structure that establishes a temporal suspension that that hovers over the concept of his research that comes from the beginning, there…

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In the work it is not enough just to demonstrate through cut-outs, superimpositions, lines and black masses that invade the pictorial space, but we can also feel, visualise, penetrate this world of plots and locks that Gustavo presents us with.

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